The Smarter Slab System for All Soil Conditions.

Engineering intelligence meets practical construction, providing a ready to build foundation solution for all soil conditions, especially on the Coastal Zone and areas with Suspect Soil or Contaminants, Flood & Earthquake Areas and Acid Sulphate soils.

 MuscleSlab and MuscleFrame are a revolutionary advance in delivering the most structurally secure, affordable and integrated foundation solutions for your residential, commercial or industrial build.

These highly engineered systems combine our patented multiturn ‘Helicast’ screw piles with a high strength concrete slab or steel framing (for timber flooring), delivering you a ready to build floor level.

MuscleSlab is the most highly engineered concrete floor slab, designed to meet your requirements and carry the loads and stresses encountered in all Soil Conditions .MuscleSlab combines a high strength concrete slab with our patented multiturn ‘Helicast’ screw piles designed to deliver unique compression and tension performance loadings.

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MuscleFrame is a truly unique innovation in foundation systems, combining our patented multiturn ‘Helicast’ screw piles with a highly engineered structural steel framing system designed to support your timber flooring.MuscleFrame is designed to meet your requirements and carry the loads and stresses encountered in all Soil Conditions.

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MuscleSlab is ideally used in:

MuscleSlab suits your needs:

  • Suitable for any shape or size of building
  • Single and multi storey
  • Timber or double brick and concrete first floor
  • High thermal capacity due to foam pods
  • Electrics and plumbing may be cast into the concrete
  • Looks good & well accepted
  • Engineered to suit the situation
  • May be raised off the ground for flooding
  • Stronger solution for the same price

MuscleSlab uses:

  • High strength concrete
  • Prefabricated steel bars
  • Flexible steel piling

MuscleSlab is:

  • Quicker to install
  • Stronger
  • No vibration installation
  • Brings no spoil to the surface restricting disturbance of suspect soils below
  • Can be raised above flood levels
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